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Ragnarok Online Yuri

For the fans~

Ragnarok Yuri
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Welcome to ragnarok_yuri, a place dedicated to the exchange and discussion of the women of Ragnarok Online. Done in correlation with lovely ragnarok_yaoi!

Rules of the Land:

1) Always, ALWAYS use an LJ-Cut when posting pictures or stories.

2) If you post a picture or a story, please include the source and/or artists name. If you are unaware of it, please specify that. If you as a poster do know the source, comment and share your knowledge!

3) Don't direct link. Bandwidth is precious to everyone and anyone, so don't leech.

4) Don't limit yourself~! Posting non-echii/hentai is obviously acceptable. As well as only one woman. Also, don't limit yourself to just pictures and stories; wallpapers, icons, skins, everything you can think of that is related to RO and its women! LJ-Cuts still apply as always.

5) Do not take and repost anything from this community without due credit or permission.

6) Respect yourself, your moderators, and each other!

7) Feedback~! The more you give the more you get. Lurking doesn't support a community.

P.S.) These rules are pretty similar to the ones in ragnarok_yaoi, so we're sure you've got a pretty good grasp on exactly what to and what not to do.

Format of Posts:

When posting things to be LJ-Cutted please mark your post with this. Try and include all fields, all the time.

Type of Media:

Moderators: vegibloodclaw and yabureta. To address a problem, please contact them.